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Performance Optimization | Apr. 26, 2016
Patience may be a virtue but it is in short supply for many people when things take longer than expected. Most businesses use the Queuing Theory to ensure that customers get prompt service and don't have to wait too long. Ensuring speedy service is especially applicable when browsing or shopping online.
Monitoring | Apr. 21, 2016
The average ecommerce website conversion rate is 2-3%. Even a small shift of just 1% could mean a 50% increase in revenues. If your site isn’t an ecommerce site, don’t stop reading. All websites could benefit from increased conversion rates.
Monitoring | Apr. 12, 2016
In the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign, the Obama campaign’s use of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter were widely credited with helping secure the historic victory of President Barack Obama. While this may have been the most publicized use of social media in politics, it certainly wasn’t the first time that technology and social platforms found their way into the US political realm.
Web Hosting | Apr. 6, 2016
A professional website is a necessity for business today. Most people prefer using the Internet to carry out business and also to determine the legitimacy of a company. All websites need a home. A web hosting is that home and as service provider is crucial in creating and building your online presence, keeping your site accessible to visitors worldwide and in ensuring it is secure from cyber-attacks.
Performance Optimization | Mar. 29, 2016
The landscape of web browser usage has been ever-changing since the advent of the internet. Over the years we have had an array of options to choose from, namely Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Remember Netscape Navigator?
Performance Optimization | Mar. 22, 2016
This blog title has buzz words all over it. “Analytics”, “best practices”, “double your ROI”. If these don’t grab your attention then perhaps you’re not focusing on something that your competitors are valuing as very important.
Web Hosting, Data Security | Mar. 7, 2016
Many of you may have noticed that some website URLs begin with https prefix, display a padlock to the left of the URL, have a trust seal and sometimes show a green address bar. These are all visual signs of the trusted SSL certificate.
Web Hosting | Mar. 1, 2016
In the dynamic web design industry, trends are forever changing with advances in technology, tools and web platforms. Though some ongoing trends may prevail for longer, many keep changing to align with expectations of the target audience.
Email | Feb. 23, 2016
Email as a means of communication and as a marketing channel are still relevant today. Legitimate email marketers contact subscribers and prospects via email to convert them into buyers on a daily basis. But it is not unusual for some email campaigns to get spam filtered thus ruining your database marketing efforts.


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