10 Technology Trends for 2013

Cloud Computing

As we close 2012 and enter the fresh beginning of 2013, it’s safe to say that this year has been a year filled with new technology that has definitely made a lasting impression on us all. For example, we have been able to watch cell phones evolve with the addition of new apps and features; we saw the iPad mini come to life along with other tablets that added new improvements and other sizeable differences, the cloud computing field took a huge launch, and much, much more. Although we don’t have any psychics in the Lunarpages office, we do have predictions of the new innovations and improvements that we believe could arise in 2013.

  1. 3D – We have seen 3D movies becoming a trend these past couple of years. 3D printing has also become possible, but at a very expensive price. In 2013, there are guesses that 3D printers will become readily available to the public, or at least to organizations like schools and hospitals, and at a lower cost. 3D printing works by material being distributed through a nozzle, coat by coat.
  2. Cars – Just in the past few years, we have seen cars becoming more automated. Cars are now able to self-park themselves; they can monitor speed by using cruise control, and overall, are getting more self-sufficient. There are now vehicles that have sensors, cameras, and some with computer intelligence. We can only expect car companies to keep up pushing forward with new technology in order to keep up with their competition. Companies will continue to try and build more preset automobiles this upcoming year with regards to presentation, comfort, and standing out in a swarming industry.
  3. Cloud – “Cloud” is a hip word that was thrown around a lot in 2012 and people love it! The “Cloud” is a set of resources including hardware, storage, software, bandwidth, and security that is delivered through a network and is managed by administrators. People on the “cloud” can adjust the resources on an “as needed” basis. The cloud is beneficial, safe, and it is changing the IT world. In 2013, the demand for more cloud applications for both personal and business use will skyrocket.
  4. Email – Social media sites have attempted to integrate e-mail into their sites, but in our opinion, that hasn’t really taken off. Although, e-mail can only be changed so much, we predict changes in 2013 regarding inbox management, and therefore, the overall e-mail experience. Perhaps the interface will be different such as the ability to delete, compose, and send e-mails just with the swipe of a finger.
  5. Facial Recognition – On sites such as Facebook, facial recognition has been used to make tagging photos more efficient and quicker. Facial recognition has even been used in advertisements around the world and we can only expect this trend to grow this upcoming year. We can expect that facial recognition on our phones or in public buildings will connect us to our personal information. Although there will be people who love the idea of facial recognition, we bet that there are others who need to keep their identity on the low, who won’t be too happy about this new technology!
  6. Leap Motion – This new technology is highly anticipated and takes tablets to a new level. Leap motion can detect your hand movements with an accuracy of 1/100 of a millimeter. You can flip and operate objects without actually touching your screen. This is a very accurate piece of technology that can assist with engineering, healthcare, art, and much more. This equipment brings motion control to your desktop and we have yet to see anything like it.
  7. Smart Glasses – Google launched “Project Glass” a couple years ago that allows people to wear eyeglasses that have the same functionality as a smartphones do. When “Smart-Glasses” launch, people will be able to read their text messages, see directions, take photos, and more all in their lenses. This product is rumored to be sold sometime at the end of 2013.
  8. Smarter accessories for phones – Recently, we’ve seen products such as chargeable phone cases come to life. Moreover, there have been stories about how iPhone accessories can actually save lives; for example, there was a doctor who had used an iPhone ECG to save another man’s life! Other smart accessories that may emerge this upcoming year are skins that we put on our phones; we foresee that the skins will be able to take a digital image and display it across the device. We have also made our phones super thin and sleek, but it is quite possible that next year, bendable phones will be touching our hands and we can turn and stretch them to our liking. We love the idea of being able to personalize our phones both internally, and externally.
  9. Tablets – We predict that the use of tablets will increase and they will no longer only be considered substitutes for mini-computers. Instead, they will be used as a replacement for printed media, textbooks, and more. Already, tablets have helped the environment because there is less paper being used; these devices also use less energy than PC’s. We also foresee and hope that the prices of tablets will lessen and therefore, be more available to people all over the world. This will also bring the use of desktops to a decline.
  10. XBOX 720 – There are reports that the new Xbox will be coming out next year and with a lot of upgraded features. For instance, there will be 1080p 3D support, a Blu-Ray player and DVR functionality, a CPU with four or six cores, and much more. With these features, it is suspected that Microsoft is attempting to brand the Xbox 720 as the “do it all” set up in your living room. Be on the lookout for an official announcement from Microsoft!

By the end of next year, we’ll see how accurate our predictions were! Happy New Year!

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