Bluehost vs Lunarpages: Shared Web Hosting Comparison

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Both Bluehost and Lunarpages are leading web hosting providers, known for performance and being two of the oldest shared web hosting companies. Bluehost founded in 2003 in Prov, Utah, and Lunarpages has been in the web hosting game for over 20 years, independent and family owned, since 1998.

While Lunarpages and Bluehost offer a variety of web hosting plans, this comparison will focus mostly on how Lunarpages and Bluehost shared hosting plans compare.

If you are trying to figure out if shared web hosting is best for your business or blog, check out our shared web hosting guide, and get your questions answered.


Pricing Comparison  

Bluehost currently has a few shared web hosting plans, the Basic, Choice Plus, and Pro. The plans range from $2.95/month to $13.95/month, but the recommended Choice Plus starts at $5.95. However, the Choice Plus plan assumes you are signing up for a 36-month plan.

Lunarpages has a Starter and Basic package for a comparable shared hosting plan. The Starter package begins at $3.95/month and the Basic is $4.95/month for the 60-month plan.  Comparatively, the Lunarpages 36-month plan is also $5.95/month.

Shared Web Hosting Features Comparison

Most leading web hosting companies will have similar features in their shared web hosting plan and that’s the case here. Bluehost and Lunarpages have very comparable shared hosting plans with some differences, but the value will depend on what you plan on doing with your website.

In general, a shared hosting plan is great for bloggers, small and local businesses and entrepreneurs. Shared hosting plans allow you to have a web presence without paying for services you don’t need.

Bluehost has a variety of features that come with their Choice Plus plan the main features include, SSL certificate, unlimited websites, free domain, unlimited email accounts and marketing credits.

Lunarpages Basic plan includes a free domain name, website builder, unlimited websites, bandwidth and email accounts and Facebook ad credits.

An important feature for most small businesses is WordPress integration, as WordPress is the most popular content management system. Accordingly, both Lunarpages and Bluehost make it very easy to quickly install WordPress in just a few minutes.

While Bluehost offers a pre-packaged Pro plan, Lunarpages allows for a bit more customization with add-ons.

These add-ons include:

  • Premium Exchange email
  • Managed hosting services
  • Baruwa spam filtering
  • SecureLive Security

These are available for basic hosting, business hosting, and shared Linux hosting.


Performance Comparison

Both Bluehost and Lunarpages are known for strong performance and reliability. Reviews of Bluehost show consistent performance with uptime from 99% to 100%, reliable speeds and moderate server response times.

When it comes to performance, Lunarpages offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee on all servers and server hardware over a one-year period. This guarantees your website will virtually always be up and running at reasonable speeds.

Lunarpages can make this guarantee because of the state of the art facilities and continued focus on the best server technology.

Some of the most important safety and management systems that keep the data centers running include:

  • A state-of-the-art monitoring system for problem prevention and management
  • Real-time data on equipment operation, enabling easy system management and instant problem identification
  • Top power and cooling systems
  • Best temperature and humidity control, leak detection, and fire protection
  • Multiple redundant UPS to allow for true A/B power configuration
  • Paralleled N+1 PowerWare UPS modules
  • Best-of-breed APC PDU technology

Additionally, Lunarpages utilizes 24/7/365 server monitoring to make sure any downtime is mitigated.


Customer Support Comparison

Bluehost offers 24/7 support with trained, in-house experts. There is a support resource center with articles and videos which answer frequently asked questions. Bluehost also offers support via phone and chat 24/7.

Lunarpages also has robust technical and customer support, offering US-based phone support, 24/7/365 email support and sales chat support.  Lunarpages also has a variety of support resources including:

For Lunarpages reviews on customer service, support and performance check out G2 Crowd for the latest.


Bluehost and Lunarpages are two of the oldest and most trusted web hosting companies on the web with over 20 years of service. Performance, features and customer support are comparable with the 3-year annual plan both costing $5.95.

Sign up for a Lunarpages shared web hosting plan today or reach out to our sales team with any questions.

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