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In October 2011, we featured an article on a little boy named Brennan Scurlock. Brennan’s grandfather had submitted his website for our ‘Site of the Month’ contest. Brennan’s story touched all of us. Since Brennan and his family are in Texas and Lunarpages in California, we never had the opportunity to meet him, but from what we are told, he had an infectious laugh and made many people very happy. Sadly, Brennan succumbed to his battle with neuroblastoma on Wednesday April 25, 2012. He touched so many lives and didn’t even have the chance to realize it. He will be missed for sure, but thanks to his family, he will never be forgotten. Brennan’s Buddies was created to help create awareness for neuroblastoma.


All of us at Lunarpages send our deepest condolences to the Scurlock and McCowen families. We are some of the lucky ones who got to know a little about Brennan and are thankful for that opportunity.

We would like to encourage everyone to learn more about this devastating form of cancer. Please select from the links below:

Facebook – Brennan Scurlock


Texas Children’s Hospital

The Sierra Ryan Children’s Neuroblastoma Foundation

Battle For A Cure

Team Sophia

Facebook – Cards for Kids

Cure Search for Children’s Cancer

Neuroblastoma Awareness

American Cancer Society

Hyundai Hope On Wheels

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