Employment: Office Administrator


We are looking for an office administrator.  This position would require that you are available for on call emergencies.


  • Maintain all office PCs 
  • Install and update software as needed 
  • Trouble shoot software and hardware related issues 
  • Create and update system documentation
  • Making software available to appropriate users 
  • Installing and testing new software 
  • Ensuring the anti-virus software is installed, properly configured, regularly updated and working properly on all PC and server stations 
  • Distributing files as required for staff use 
  • Maintaining servers and network hardware


  • Receiving and setting up hardware. 
  • Diagnosing and troubleshooting hardware failures 
  • Checking new computer equipment and installing as expected 
  • Liaising with external support agencies to resolve faults speedily 
  • Liaising with the designated personnel responsible for keeping the inventory 
  • Maintaining computer peripheral equipment e.g. printers, scanners, projectors and whiteboards 
  • Maintaining wired and wireless networks, desktop and server computers 
  • Providing technical support for hardware and software issues in the office 
  • Setting up and maintaining backup system for file servers and in-office desktop computers

Network Management:

  • Checking the network back up logs where appropriate 
  • Carrying out routine network maintenance tasks 
  • Setting up, maintaining and removing user network accounts where necessary


  • 1 year experience with Active Directory 
  • 1 year experience Windows Server 03 or 08 
  • 2 years experience with PC hardware

Job Reference: OFFICEADMIN

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