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Popular Web Development Languages

New technologies keep appearing rather fast in the software development world and the trends in programming languages keep evolving with changing necessities too. All…

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Web Design with CSS3: The Next Generation

Cascading Style Sheets, commonly referred to as CSS, is a design language intended to simplify the process of designing web pages. Simply put, its…

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Understanding Web Applications

Without even knowing it, most of us are using web applications on a daily basis.  In fact, Gmail and Yahoo email, Twitter, Facebook, and…

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Database Management Software: What to Look For?

In this era of evolution, there are several applications that have made our workplace lives easier. It might be due to a gaming app,…

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How Do PHP Updates By Your Web Host Impact Your Website?

With the rise of the internet, the number of websites being developed for everything, from leisure, education to business, ecommerce and all kinds of…

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An Explanation of HTML5 for Beginners

If you’re an active designer or developer you’ve undoubtedly heard the term “HTML5” being thrown around almost as frequently as Apple, Google or Twitter.

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