Google+ Events Strives to Integrate Real Life with Online Event Planning

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Social media platforms are striving to overcome the great divide between online and offline worlds. That’s what Google+’s Events function seeks to do.

On their blog, Google explained “Today’s online event tools are really just web forms that ask, “Are you going?” Worse yet, they bail when you need them the most: during the actual event, and after everyone leaves. In life we plan, we party and we keep in touch. Software should make all of this more awesome, and that’s exactly our aim with Google+ Events.”

Although the personalization and ease of use of the online form is indeed sleek and simple, the true game-changer comes with Google’s new Party Mode. When users go to take pictures with their smartphone, Google+ asks if they’re at the event. If they grant it permission, it automatically uploads the photos to the event page in real time.

After the event is over, Google organizes all the photos in chronological order. This is a clever move on Google’s part, because in return for painless party organization (and scrapbooking) it binds users ever tighter to its email, calendar, and photo-sharing software.

How Does It Compare with Facebook’s Events?

One can easily compare Google and Facebook’s vision by looking at both recently updated services. Facebook’s Events now includes an events calendar so users can see all their upcoming events, including friends’ birthdays.

In most of the ways we’ve come to use event planning software, such as RSVPs, shared event bulletin board, date, time and place, both Facebook and Google+ are comparable. It’s the little extras that set them apart. For instance, Facebook Events can handle ticket sales through their partnership with Eventbrite, something that G+ has no functionality for. But Google, naturally, has integrated maps and calendar.

According to some tech forums, Google’s unveiling of Party Mode has made them the current winner in the Event Planning arms race, and that particular feature will probably get extensive off-label use as well (think getting backyard pics of your kids playing to auto-collate and organize online for you. Scrapbooking memories just got easier than ever.)


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