Why is my server blacklisted?

It’s not uncommon for a server IP address to end up on a blacklist, especially on a shared server. It could be due to overall volume of mail coming from that server, messages that seem to have characteristics of spam in them, and exploited PHP mailer scripts. Another common cause is email forwarders. If you have user@domain.com forwarding to user@gmail.com, if user@example.com is spammed, our mail server will forward that onto Gmail and their servers might see our mail IP address as relaying the spam message to their server, even though it wasn’t the originating server of the spam.

We monitor all of our servers for signs of excessive email. If you’re having an issue emailing a certain provider and or you are receiving a bounced email/fail delivery message, we urge you to send an email to abuse@lunarpages.com so our Abuse team can take care of the blacklist issue.