Lunarpages expands its data center footprint in Denver, Colorado


Lunarpages is pleased to announce the expansion into our newest data center in Denver, Colorado. It is the premier data center facility in the Rocky Mountain region and will allow Lunarpages to better serve our customers – not only in this region, but farther east as well.

Located in the Denver Tech Center, this new data center marks the sixth in our efforts to deliver improved services across the country. Boasting over 30,000 square feet of premium data center space, and has an additional 30,000 square feet on site for expansion when the need arises.

The Denver facility has more than 22 Gigabits of Internet bandwidth active over four Tier 1 providers and still has room to expand this capacity when necessary. The data center is optimized for high-density build outs with redundant power and cooling as well as raised floors over a steel-reinforced concrete foundation.

Building Access and Security
The facility is equipped with 24/7 on-site security and NOC staff and a minimum of 2 additional staff members at all times. The alarm system includes cameras on all perimeter points of the building in addition to video and camera surveillance inside. Multi-level access authorization with man trap is enhanced with biometric verification and security-controlled access level assignment.

Electrical Power Infrastructure
With four separate UPS systems, each at N+1 redundancy, we offer true A/B power feeds to each rack. The Starline Busway rail power distribution system is designed to deliver dual-feed power to every rack assuring power to your server is never interrupted. When maintenance is due for your server, each critical component is equipped with a bypass mechanism allowing us to not take your server offline while the maintenance is performed. The facility has a 3600 KW on-site generator at N+1 redundancy with more than 50 hours of full load power on-site fuel storage.

Raised flooring provides cooling to server racks at N+1 redundancy along with an energy-efficient, ultrasonic humidification system to maintain precise humidity distribution. Our cooling standards exceed ASHRAE specifications.

Fire Detection and Suppression
The data center has an internal and off-site alarm monitoring and fire department dispatch system that employ multi-zoned above and below floor detectors. The pre-action dry pipe fire suppression system fills with water only in the event that two or more sensors are triggered in the same zone at the same time and only discharges in the area where the temperature would rise to trigger a fire sprinkler head.

With multiple active internet connections, the data center is a carrier- neutral facility with the following network connections:

  • Two 10-Gigabit Ethernet Fiber (GigE) connections to SAVVIS
  • One GigE connection to AT&T
  • One GigE connection to XO
  • Two GigE connections to Level3

System Monitoring
Our state-of-the-art monitoring system provides real-time data on equipment operation, enabling easy system management and instant identification of problems. Systems monitored include: power, cooling, temperature, humidity, leak detection, fire protection and more.


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