Lunarpages Internet Solutions Offers Its Clients an Additional Layer of Security with SecureLive

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Lunarpages Internet Solutions now offers the most effective and economical global security system ever engineered. Over 60 million hacks blocked, thousands of hackers shut down and many active prosecutions.

Anaheim, CA (PRWEB) September 20, 2011

SecureLive is an advanced security system designed to seamlessly integrate into a variety of platforms including: Joomla security, WordPress security, Drupal security, and E107 security. With a simple plugin installation and activation, customers will immediately begin blocking hackers and seeing reports of the malicious activity on their site. SecureLive goes one step further and reports the hackers to the appropriate authorities.


  • Patent pending technology: (CST) Continuous Scan Technology
  • Live real-time monitoring
  • Tested 98% effective against hacking and online theft
  • Endorsed by industry experts in independent testing
  • Advanced custom user security controls to fit websites
  • Blocks intruders before attack through advanced recognition
  • Email alerts and text via mobile devices to client and monitors
  • Logs all violations and captures attacker signature
  • Forwards attacker profiles to proper authorities
  • Reduces attacks through systematic banning of violators

Frequently Asked Questions
What programming languages are supported by SecureLive?

Currently SecureLive is only offered for support of PHP and is being expanded to support ASP in the near future.

How effective is SecureLive at stopping hacks?

SecureLive is the most secure website security system available today. To date, SecureLive has blocked over 50 million hack attempts across the globe, and is still going strong. SecureLive’s success rate when installed on a clean website (no pre-existing hacks), is 100%. When unsure if the website is clean, there is a tool called SecureRX, which serves as a diagnostics service to determine this. If there are existing viruses on the website; SecureRescue cleans up the hacks before installing SecureLive to block future hacks. It’s surprising to find out how many people are trying to hack websites. Reports have shown that many users begin receiving incident reports only minutes after activating SecureLive.

How does SecureLive protect websites?

SecureLive works by filtering all the data being sent to the website by a user or bot. The user is checked for black list or white list status, and then the data undergoes a very advanced, patented hacker detection script. During this process, personal preferences will be applied, allowing users to change who is detected as a hacker, and how they are blocked and reported.

How will SecureLive™ affect the website’s performance?

SecureLive’s servers store account’s data, global database, and the most advanced parts of the patented technology. This means that users will need to connect to the servers frequently, and speed becomes a concern for most webmasters. Most users see an average speed of 0.1 seconds added to their page load time. The best speeds are around 0.03 – 0.04 seconds, and the worst being around 0.5 seconds. This performance can be improved by upgrading the server’s hardware. SecureLive’s servers are running very advanced hardware and software in order to provide reliable and fast service. SecureLive can handle tens of thousands of connections at once, and will grow along with the customer’s base.

What is conversion, and is it bad?

The overall terminology for “Conversion” isn’t bad, its discussed in negative terms because the way other security solutions use it. Conversion is the process in which visitors to a site are “converted” into a customers via sales. For Businesses, especially for eCommerce this is a good thing. In fact if when there is someone coming to a site from another site to “BROWSE” around, or to say they are “on the fence” about the product, then see something, whether it is an item, a security method giving them a safe feeling, etc, and it turns into a sale is something everyone likes. Hours and hours of article writing, product placement, programming, whatever was done starts to pay off from the conversions that happen on the site.

The problem is that these other security suite applications talk about conversion because of their false hope in security to the customers. The other top name security products for the websites DO NOT protect from the NOW. SecureLive and SecureMember does, not only the NOW, but the future as well. The patented technology delivers more than just conversion, it offers REAL security, REAL protection, RIGHT NOW.

What are the PCI standards?

For Visa, Inc., PCI DSS compliance includes following their Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP), along with the incorporated PCI DSS standards.

The CISP program includes compliance and validation requirements for the following entities:

  • Merchants-All merchants including retail (brick-and-mortar), mail/telephone order, and e-commerce.
  • Service Providers-Visa identifies service providers as organizations that process, store, or transmit Visa cardholder data on behalf of Visa members, merchants, or other service providers.
  • Payment Applications-Visa offers a “Best Practices” document for Payment applications, with the goal that the payment application must not retain full magnetic stripe data or CVV2 data. As well, as well the software must support a merchants and service providers’ ability to comply with the PCI Data Security Standard.

For MasterCard Inc., compliance and validation includes following its Site Data Protection (SDA) Program, along with the incorporated PCI DSS standards.

The SDA program includes compliance requirements for the following entities:

  • Merchants-All merchants must become PCI DSS compliant through completing the PCI Self Assessment, PCI Onsite Assessment and PCI Quarterly Network Scanning. While all merchants are required to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, merchants that store, process or transmit MasterCard account data may also be required to validate compliance with their acquirer.
  • Service Providers-Third Party Processors (TPPs), Data Storage Entities ()DSEs). Any service providers that store, process or transmit MasterCard account data on behalf of the merchant must also be compliant.
  • Vendors-Master Card provides a list of Approved Scanning Vendors (ASVs), based on the testing requirements laid out in the PCI DSS standard for ASVs.
  • Acquirers-MasterCard works with acquirers to help the acquirer’s merchants obtain SDA certification, as well as PCI DSS certification. The acquirer does not have to go through an SDA certification process, but the acquirer must manage the SDA process for their merchants. The acquirer must certify the merchants’ compliance validation tools, as well as registering the merchant with MasterCard.

Is SecureLive PCI Compliant?

The short answer is no, a little history on PCI is helpful to understand how it came about and why it is needed.

In June 2005, American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB, MasterCard Worldwide and Visa International founded the PCI Security Council. These requirements are based on ISO 17799-the internationally recognized standard for information security practices.

The main tasks of the council are:

Under the PCI DSS, a business or organization should be able to assure their customers that its credit card data/account information and transaction information is safe from hackers or any malicious system intrusion.

The way SecureLive works is it protects the ENTIRE website, including its database. PCI Compliance does not protect the database. If the credit card, address, names, etc are stored in the database and a hacker is able to access or download this, PCI did not work.

Does SecureLive support SSL Certificates?

SecureLive will work on both https and http addresses equally. There are no special requirements or changing of anything.

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