Ep. 17 – Part 1. Three Types Of Video Content


Three Types Of Video Content

Consumers are accessing video content more than ever before and the trend is on the rise across the globe. Learn about the importance of video content in your content marketing strategy.

Host 1:                                  00:00                     Podcasting from Southern California, this is On The Net, your go-to for everything you need to know about how to get your business online and keep it there—brought to you by Lunarpages.  We’ll help you navigate the mystifying ins and outs of doing business in today’s digital era.  From web hosting to ecommerce to security and protection, if it has to do with your online presence, we’ve got it covered. Let’s get started.

Host 2:                                  00:30                     Hello everyone. Welcome to On The Net, where it’s all about your online presence.  Thanks for joining us! This podcast is designed to make doing business online easy for web designers, developers, bloggers and online business of every shape and size.  Whether you are new to buying web hosting or running a web site, this podcast show will be able to answer your most burning questions.  Today’s podcast on Video Content Marketing is the first of a three-part series where we will cover ‘Three Different Types of Content to Have on Your Website.’  One of the biggest challenges for marketers is being able to deliver quality content through your website in order to build an active and engaged audience. There is no denying that content is at the heart of inbound marketing and you can make your websites work much harder by including content that resonates with your audience, informs visitors about your product/services, or educates them about your industry.

Host 2:                                  01:22                     This way you emerge as an industry thought leader and credible source for answers that your target market may have.  There are a variety of content formats that exist on the web such as blog posts, infographics, videos, podcasts, surveys, slide shows, eBooks and so much more, but they all serve similar objectives—conversion.  Whether that is in the form of a form completion, download of materials or a purchase. People on the web usually have a short attention span and videos allow visitors to consume more content, faster. No wonder consumers are accessing video content more than ever before and the trend is on the rise across the globe. A third of the internet users are on YouTube and a whopping 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube. How can any business ignore such compelling data? Also consider that there are more people viewing videos on mobile devices now. Now perhaps it’s because the tiny screens make reading difficult.

Host 2:                                  02:17                     A vast majority of mobile users prefer to get their information visually rather than with plain text, so it is more sensible to use video on your site. While written content is effective, visual marketing is dynamic and far-reaching in increasing interactions and driving measurable actions. Video is a unique and powerful medium that visitors are more likely to engage with than static text. Creating more interactive and visual content will definitely boost your website traffic and conversions. And they are more likely to follow you where you want to take them. Unsurprisingly about 46% of viewers act after watching a video ad. Video on a website enhances visitors’ experiences and helps build a relationship with your visitors. It is the most engaging way to make connections and increase the number of loyal customers in the future. You can use video to introduce your business, products, seasonal sales & services, answer customer questions, demonstrate expertise, share powerful client testimonials about what makes your brand so special and tell your story to help create a lasting and favorable impression.

Host 2:                                  03:20                     impression. Video is also great for SEO. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, with more than 1 billion unique visitors each month. And it is owned by Google, who now display video in their search results too. This increases your chances of being found for keywords that you’re targeting for your website. Also consider that how well your page ranks in search results depends on the “dwell time,” how long a visitor stays on a site. The longer the visit, the more quality content Google thinks the webpage has. And adding compelling videos to your site is a good way of capturing and holding visitors’ attention, improving click-through rates, and conversion rates. Original video content is highly sharable across all your social distribution networks and emails, so it can help drive more people to your content and your site.  Video provides real value to consumers and helps push online sales.

Host 2:                                  04:09                     Customers who watch a video are 70% more likely to make a purchase than the non-viewers and they spend two and a half times more. Video is the most creative and engaging way to get noticed and stand out from the competition than any other medium, it is easy to create, and everyone loves it. Given the many benefits that custom video content provides for your website and company, you really have no reason to not start implementing a video marketing strategy today. That’s all we have time for on this episode of ‘On The Net.’ You can listen online, but you can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes to get future episodes delivered to you automatically.  Until next time, here’s to wishing you all the best with your website endeavors.  Thanks for listening and take care.

Host 1:                                  05:00                     Thank you for listening to the latest edition of Lunarpages podcast On the Net. Remember, it’s all about your online presence. If you like what you heard, please share our podcast. Join us next week as we take on another

Host 1:                                  05:14                     need to know topic around doing business in the digital era.

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