Ep. 19 – Part 3. Testimonials – Three Types Of Video Content


Three Types Of Video Content – Testimonials

Use customer testimonials to showcase experiences from your existing customers to bring in new business.

Host 1:                                  00:00                     Podcasting from Southern California, this is On The Net, your go-to for everything you need to know about how to get your business online and keep it there—brought to you by Lunarpages.  We’ll help you navigate the mystifying ins and outs of doing business in today’s digital era.  From web hosting to ecommerce to security and protection, if it has to do with your online presence, we’ve got it covered. Let’s get started.

Host 2:                                  00:30                     Hello everyone. Welcome to On The Net, where it’s all about your online presence.  Thanks for joining us! This podcast is designed to make doing business online easy for web designers, developers, bloggers and online business of every shape and size.  Whether you are new to buying web hosting or running a web site, this podcast show will be able to answer your most burning questions.  In our previous podcast series on ‘Three Different Types of Content to Have On Your Website,’ we discussed how videos and case studies make great content material for your brand. Be sure to give that a listen, if you haven’t already.  But today we conclude our series by talking about ‘Customer Testimonials’ and how you can showcase experiences from your existing customers to bring in new business. We all know from our own experience that when we make big purchases online, we read product reviews from other consumers.

Host 2:                                  01:21                     Buying is an emotional decision. And most of us want to get honest opinions from real customers, who we can relate to, understand and trust. Who better to hear from about your product or customer service, then existing customers with experience interacting with your company? It is comforting to read someone else’s testimony about how well your product works and how they benefited from it. Moreover, customer testimonials can showcase a number of benefits because not all users will value the exact same feature of your product. This way you’d be able to appeal to more than one type of customer. Your business can list primary features, showcase statistics and research findings about the success you’ve had with your products in the past. But that will only get you so far. In order to really sell, you have to focus on the benefits your product or service provide to customers.

Host 2:                                  02:09                     Testimonials are all about highlighting positive customer feedback. Happy customers are a goldmine of information. Real people (not copywriters or sales guys) get to share first-hand how your product improved their lives or business operations. And that validates your product and gives confidence that the purchase is the right choice! A testimonial is a form of social proof that gives your product an unbiased advantage and your value claims more legitimacy. This invaluable tool can turn prospects into customers by building trust and credibility and thereby increase your website conversions. Where do you begin? Create a list of your happiest customers in consultation with your account managers and customer service department. Identify success stories from social media feedback or review sites and then reach out to them. Customer testimonials can be presented in different ways on different channels to gain the maximum traction from them. Testimonials can be published as text rich

Host 2:                                  03:06                     interview-style blog posts, company posted reviews from different customers who give their opinion about the services, support quotes from customers blended with customer testimonials, or even testimonials from experts in your industry or community, bloggers, local journalists reviewing your product or services. You can even add testimonials that address potential customers’ questions and concerns. This form of social proof can help guide prospects down the sales funnel. You can convey a powerful message by incorporating visual content into your testimonials.  Such as images, infographics, and videos to showcase customer testimonials and tell their whole story. You can also include the customer’s present situation and your brand’s solution. Depending on your goal, you can use different content and format of testimonials to guide prospects through different stages of the sales process. You should ideally select the testimonials that complement the conversion you are looking for. For instance, you may have a website page devoted solely to testimonials or you can even add scrolling testimonials or display specific testimonials to a particular page

Host 2:                                  04:12                     using plugins like IQ Testimonials in order to drive conversions. Testimonials are one of the most effective form of content marketing so make sure to include them in your emails, print material, ebooks, social media posts, blogs and even broadcast ads.  Memorable brands always use their customer testimonials to their full advantage. Satisfied customers are your biggest asset so why not use their positive feedback and experiences to grow your customer base and bottom line? Your turn to get started then. That’s all we have time for on this episode of ‘On The Net.’ You can listen online, but you can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes to get future episodes delivered to you automatically.  Until next time, here’s to wishing you all the best with your website endeavors. Thanks for listening and take care.

Host 1:                                  05:06                     Thank you for listening to the latest edition of Lunarpages podcast On The Net. Remember, it’s all about your online presence. If you like what you heard, please share a podcast. Join us next week as we take on another

Host 1:  05:20     need to know topic around doing business in the digital era.

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