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This month we had quite a few submissions for the Site of the Month; however, one in particular stood out to us and gripped our hearts. It isn’t the site name rather the content on the site that made us stop and take a long hard look at how precious and fragile life can be.

While we hope you read this interview with Michael McCowen and his devotion to his grandson Brennan, we encourage all of you to visit and learn more about Brennan and Neuroblastoma. If you are as moved as we were when discovering this site, you can help in many ways. One such way is to follow Brennan on Facebook and share his story with your friends.

How long have you hosted your site with Lunarpages and which hosting plan are you using?

Michael: I have the starter plan. This will be my 3rd year with Lunarpages.

What makes you stay with Lunarpages?

Michael: Customer service is the best. I have an exchange account as well that I pay monthly, a couple of times this year I needed a little extra time to pay it and they were happy to help. as far as the technical end only once has my exchange had a problem and it was fixed very quick.

Do you get much traffic on your site and does your Lunarpages hosted server handle it well?

Michael: at first when it was just a family site I didn’t get much, but now we get just under 1000 a month and it’s no problem for the server.

Tell us a bit about your site and what you do there.

Michael: As for our webpage Team Brennan, through we use this as a way to share Brennan’s struggles from the beginning, provide a means for others to donate if they so wish, or to purchase items we have made to help aid Brennan and his parents through this tough time. We also use this as a way to list other organizations who currently help with funding for cancer research, specifically Neuroblastoma. Through our website local viewers are able to download flyers to upcoming events to share if they wish to do so, as well as locations for our events.

Describe your average visitor to

Michael: I think our average visitors are very special people with kind hearts that want to help children and learn more about childhood cancers. we have been getting visits from all over the world, many have or have had a child with cancer or they simply want to let us know they are praying for our baby.

[[{“type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”media_original”,”fid”:”230″,”attributes”:{“alt”:””,”class”:”media-image”,”height”:”300″,”style”:”width: 450px; height: 300px; margin: 8px; float: left;”,”width”:”450″}}]]Name the top 5 things we should know about Brennan.

Michael: 5 things we feel everyone should know about Brennan:
1. He has the strongest personality I’ve ever met, period. He can get sick, feel weak but still manages to give you a high five.(but we have seen that all the kids have the best attitude, they are in the worst pain and they smile. it is amazing to be around these children. they really give you a new outlook on life.)
2. He doesn’t fight alone.
3. He is a little brother to an 8 year old little girl named Katelyn.
4.He’s a joker and loves to “fake scare people” with his fake coughs and fake gagging on food, just to see you smile.
5.Brennan loves hair, no matter what kind. always gentle and never rough. he loves to just touch everyone’s hair.

What does 46/7 stand for?

Michael: As for 46/7: That is a statistic given to childhood cancer patients. 46 children daily are diagnosed with cancer,
7 will die every day.

Are you using social media to spread the word about Brennan and neuroblastoma?

Michael: We use Brennan’s Facebook and our website as a means of spreading awareness, as well as our own personal pages. Whether someone listens or not we will make sure we do our part to get the word out there about our children. We fight just as hard as he does to bring awareness. we have thought about twitter as well, but not sure how to get a lot of followers.

Tell us about the upcoming and past events that you have held to help raise awareness.

Michael: In the past we have held garage sales, car washes, and our latest a bbq benefit to help bring awareness to Neuroblastoma, which many people have never heard of. We also use these same events to help get Brennan’s story out there. We’ve planned an upcoming event at the Hot Dog Shop in Houston with hopes of reaching new groups of people and spreading awareness for Neuroblastoma and Brennan’s fight.

You list the Sierra Ryan Foundation, Texas Children’s Hospital and Children’s Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation on your site. Do you have any plans of your own for a foundation or ways to help other children and organizations?

Michael: We do have plans for a Foundation, or non-profit organization. We are in the process of getting together ideas and ways to help other children. Our main focus right now is getting together and giving back to the families who have recently dealt with a new diagnosis as well as those currently in treatment for any childhood cancer. We want to be able to show these people they don’t fight alone and there’s always someone thinking of them in what seems to be their darkest hour. Our hopes are to begin our organization by the time Brennan is in remission, so we can as a family take gifts/ toys and needed supplies to those facing long stays in the hospital. We have learned the hard way of some of the things that seem minor to the avg. person, but means so much to someone overwhelmed with everything happening to their child. We want Brennan to be with us to give hope and support to the other cancer patients and let them know they’re not fighting alone..

How can anyone reading this article help Brennan if they wish to?

Michael: anyone who reads this article can absolutely help Brennan and his fight through our website, whether its sending cards to our listed address or gifts or anything they feel in their hearts to do. Nothing is too small or un-needed. also look at some of our links. some of these sites collect cards for kids. you can send cards or gifts and they mail them to children, they love getting cards and seeing all the love people have for them. There are so many children fighting for their life.

Thanks again for participating in this with us. We hope that we can make a difference in some way.

Michael: Thank you, Greg and Lunarpages for helping us bring awareness to childhood cancer and our baby Brennan.

If you would like to learn more about Brennan or Neuroblastoma, please select from the links below:

Facebook – Brennan Scurlock

Texas Children’s Hospital

The Sierra Ryan Children’s Neuroblastoma Foundation

Emily Hubbel

Battle For A Cure

Team Sophia

Facebook – Cards for Kids

Hope for God’s Children

Cure Search for Children’s Cancer

Neuroblastoma Awareness

American Cancer Society

Hyundai Hope On Wheels

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