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Shared FAQ

What are the settings to configure and use email?

The following will show you the information needed to configure an email client to use your Lunarpages hosted email.

Incoming Mail Server:


Incoming Port:
POP – 110
IMAP – 143

Please note that for Business Plans (PCI-Compliant Servers) the POP port will be 995 and the IMAP port will be 993)


The username will always be the full email address of the email account that was created.



This is the password that was assigned to email account when it was created in your control panel. If you need to change your password please do the following:

Log into your control panel.
Click on your ‘Email Accounts’
Find your email address from the list of users, click ‘Change Password’
Change your password, then click on the ‘Change Password’ button.

If the email user knows their current password, they can choose to reset it via Webmail.

Outgoing Mail Server:


Outgoing Port (SMTP)
SMTP – 587


Our shared servers offer several webmail applications which can be accessed from any Internet browser.

Webmail access:

I cannot access my site and email from my home network but it works on other computers and devices.

This is most likely an IP address block. Our servers use a centralized firewall that detects multiple failed logins to the server, port scanning(very common with Apple devices), simultaneous connections, and even a weak network connection from your IP address can trigger a block. Whether it’s http, mail, cPanel, webmail, ftp, and mod security failed login attempts will block an IP address for security reasons. To correct this you can call Lunarpages support or send an email to and a tech will remove the IP address from the servers firewall deny list.

You can retrieve your local IP address by going to

I need to change the DNS for my site but I cannot find the DNS manager.

On cPanel servers the advanced DNS manager has been disabled due to security reasons. In order to make changes please call in and provide the DNS changes needed or email us at

My site is coming up with an Internal Server Error.

With an error message like a 500 Internal Server Error, first thing you will want to do is check the server error logs for your account. These logs can be accessed in your Lunarpages control panel and can provide useful information to any code errors or other potential causes of a site failure.

Error with an .htaccess file:

If you are using a .htaccess for the configuration of your site(s), it could be preventing your web page from loading in your browser. You can check the .htaccess configuration for any syntax errors that can cause a 500 Internal Server Error message. To confirm whether the .htaccess is the cause of the 500 Internal Server error, either remove or rename the .htaccess file temporarily and then try to reload the page.

Excessive resources:

A 500 Internal Server Error can also be caused by too many connections and or processes from your account on the server. You can check the server error logs to see if the problem is due to high resources. You are only allowed 2% of CPU and Memory and .2% of the MySQL processes.

Why am I getting prompted to update my password in the Customer Account Pages?

Every 6 months the password are preferred to be updated for your protection.

Why aren’t my emails delivering?

Often this is an RBL issue, sometimes the email address is invalid, or there’s a problem with the SPF record, or there’s an issue with the sending domain.

Can you update my website for me?

We do provide a service to do light updates via MSH (Managed Shared Hosting) at a cost. If you require advanced updates or a site redesign we do have a design staff that can also assist and will provide a quote for work to be performed

Why did my website get hacked?

Typically, when a website gets hacked it’s due to one of two things: a CMS exploit or a weak/compromised password. Very often this can be prevented by applying updates to the website via the site’s administration panel.

Dedicated / Cloud FAQ

What is the basic quota for managed backups?

By default we provide 50GB of quota on disk.

Can we buy additional managed backup space and what is the cost?

Additional space can be purchased if needed. The pricing starts at $34.95/50GB of disk space per month plus $0.70 for each additional 1GB per month if needed.

This pricing is incorrect. The correct levels/prices may be found on

Do you provide SSL? And how much is the price?

We can provide a Standard Certificate for $109.00, per year which includes installation fees.

Do you provide multi-domain SSL certificate?

We do not provide multi-domain SSL certificate. We can install your ssl on your domains if you purchase it from an SSL vendor, however, there would be a charge for installing wildcard SSL.

What are all the features included with SSL?

The Standard Certificate, at $109.00/year includes the following features:

*Online Automated Validation – No paperwork, no faxes, no delay

*Industry standard 2048 bit digital signatures

*99.9% Browser Coverage

*$250,000 Relying Party Warranty

*256 Bit Encryption

*FREE Trust Logo

*FREE Site Seal

*For more information about the Certificate Warranty, please visit the following URL:

How can I update my Centos version to Centos 7?

There are two options to upgrade centos on your server,

1. Re-format the existing machine and install CentOS 7, after you have taken a backup of the content.

2. Set up a new machine with CentOS 7, where you can re-upload your data and after everything has been configured, you would need to change the private nameservers that you are using and point them to the new set of IPs that will be assigned. We would be able to keep the old server up for one week while the content is being moved over.

How can I edit DNS zones under LPCP for Dedicated/VPS Cloud?

We have added DNS editor feature to the newest version of LPCP; we can upgrade LPCP to the latest version so that you can use this feature.

I am getting notification from cPanel regarding ‘unmonitored services’ recently, why?

Latest versions of cPanel system features to scan all active services and sends a notification that lists all of the unmonitored services, we can add the unmonitored services to chkservd.

Would upgrading PHP on my server affect LPCP installation?

Since lunarpanel is using its own PHP and Apache installations, there won’t be any issues in upgrading the PHP version on the server.

How can I change nameservers of the domain registered with Lunarpages?

You can change the nameservers from your accounts page. Please see the following tutorial to know more.

Google blocked mail server IP

The most common reason Google is blocking your mail server IP is due to unsolicited mail originating from your IP address. This could be caused by too many abuse complaints and/or too many inactive recipients in your databases. We strongly recommend you enable DomainKeys (DKIM), rDNS (ptr records), and SPF records as they are becoming a common demand among email providers, mainly Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail. Once you have enabled these records, please note Google’s guidelines, “if you are now in compliance, note that it may take some time for delivery to improve.”

Why am I receiving a high amount of spam to my inbox?

One of the most common issues with email accounts on cPanel/LPCP/Plesk is SPAM. Here is one way to minimize the amount of SPAM you receive to your inbox:

Don’t Accept Mail to Users Mailboxes That Don’t Exist – Default Address => Spam Assassin. Spam Assassin is an excellent way to filter out SPAM at the server level before it gets to your mail client.

In case the issue persists, please email us at with the full email header of any two or three spam emails you receive. More information on how to extract an email header can be seen at the following url:

IP Checker

What is my IP?

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