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Benefits of Hosted Exchange 2016

Hosted exchange is quickly becoming increasingly popular as the most vital communication tool in business today is email. Everyone knows of Microsoft Exchange as…

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Spam-Proofing Your Site To Save Your Inbox From Unwanted Email

Spam mail, including unsolicited commercial email and unwanted bulk email, is an endemic problem that plagues our inboxes daily. This menace costs businesses billions…

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Registering Domain Names for Email Solutions Personal and Business.

Every company needs a memorable domain name so that people can find their website easily. A domain name is what is typed into the…

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How to Create Credible Mailing Lists That Won’t End Up in Spam

Email as a means of communication and as a marketing channel are still relevant today. Legitimate email marketers contact subscribers and prospects via email…

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5 Underappreciated Things Hosted Exchange Can Do for Your Company

Microsoft Outlook remains the go-to email application for desktops, according to data from Campaign Monitor, with 20 percent of users choosing…

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