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Mar 28, 2017,

Customer Service was excellent! Very pleased. Thank you!

Feb 28, 2017,

Friendly and efficient help. Thank you!

Feb 22, 2017,

Your specialist was great. Got right to the point. Immediate fix. I know it's not your fault, but man...what a long time on hold. The music, of course, sucks. One cool thing Apple has started doing is giving a selection of types of music while on hold. Anyway...just a thought.

Feb 3, 2017,

I've been with LunarPages for quite a long time. It costs a little more than some other choices, but so far the support has been very good.

Feb 1, 2017,

Fast, courteous, and effective service.

Feb 1, 2017,

I was helped today by Nathan, from noon to 12.20 pm, in dealing with a problem of excessive spam (now up to 90 a day). He was extremely patient and helpful in explaining how to deal with this, and in taking me through the steps to use the 'spam blacklist' feature in my Lunarpages account. Also, before he did that, he took some action in the Lunarpages office, intended to reduce or eliminate the flow. He thought that action might take an hour to become effective. I'd give Nathan top marks for helpfulness - and told him so. Unfortunately, his help hasn't stopped or greatly reduced the spam as I've already received 43 spam e-mails in the five and a half hours since I spoke to Nathan. (I've also entered in the 'blacklist' feature the full e-mail address of all 634 spam e-mails I've received in the period Jan 12 to 6 pm today.) Can someone - ideally Nathan - help with the continuing problem? Thank you.

Jan 26, 2017,

Absolute ROCK STAR. I have been struggling with this issue for weeks, and his expertise was more than I could have asked for. In addition, he took the time to explain what he was identifying, and how he was resolving. Thank you!

Jan 21, 2017,

great service and instant solution.

Jan 19, 2017,

I have had some problems with the softalicious updates to word press, but your tech help was the best I have ever received. I will continue to tell people to go to LunarPages for hosting because of the great service.

Jan 17, 2017,

The guy that helped me set up my mail was very helpful, patient, courteous and professional. I really appreciate it.

Jan 10, 2017,

Alan was amazing and helped figure out my login problem right away. Best Web Hosting company. I have been a satisfied client for over 10 years. Thank you LP!

Jan 6, 2017,

Nathan was great! He helped me eliminate a problem with my Exchange email account that has been plaguing me for weeks! So glad he came up with a solution to a rather esoteric problem. Kudos!

Jan 3, 2017,

thanks, tristan

Dec 19, 2016,

Please see ticket 4147709. I called in and spoke with Terri Carver who was EXCEPTIONAL and truly did an outstanding job in resolving a very critical email and spam issue. I can honestly state she was one of the best I've worked with at Lunarpages thus far and we've been here for over 7 years. Kudos to Terri to saving us from chaos!

Dec 13, 2016,

Nathan and Jason have spent countless time to help me to restore the server. Really appreciate the other team and various administrators to connect my old server to a new server. I really appreciate the help and service you have provided to a disastrous situation.

Dec 8, 2016,

The tech I spoke with was extremely knowledgeable and helped resolve my problem. I really appreciated his knowledge of WordPress too because that is what helped get my site back online. He troubleshooted multiple angles and found a solution. I am incredibly thankful. Sincerely.

Dec 7, 2016,

Excellent service throughout several years of my using a dedicated server. The support staff was always quick, effective and friendly...

Dec 5, 2016,

Nothing exceptional reasons for either being great or unhappy so I chose indifferent.

Dec 3, 2016,

Allen in tech support was a great help to you. He is one of the more helpful, kinder ones that I have spoken too there.

Dec 2, 2016,

Your support person Alan was exceptional. He was patient and walked me through various troubleshooting options until the solution was uncovered. He's fantastic. It is support persons like Alan that make me proud to be one of our longest-term customers, going back many years with many accounts. Thank you!

Nov 29, 2016,

Jason was extremely knowledgeable and detailed in his explanations of what he was doing to take care of my issues so I could understand the process. He was also friendly and courteous.

Nov 26, 2016,

Jason is terrific and was very very helpful. He helped me a while back and was terrific then too. You're very lucky to have him working with you - he really knows his stuff and works quickly to solve problems.

Nov 22, 2016,

The guy was great and very patient with my angry/frustrated potty mouth

Nov 22, 2016,

Luigi was AWESOME !!!!!!

Mar 14, 2017,

Marco was patient and very helpful - thank you thank you!

Mar 1, 2017,

your tech support guys are excellent. super helpful. really appreciate it. nannette

Feb 17, 2017,

Nathan was very helpful

Feb 8, 2017,

You're the best!!!!!!!!! 🙂 You've help so efficiently and quickly!!!!

Feb 7, 2017,

Lunarpages phone help desk is always remarkably helpful. After a month of being bombarded with trashy spam messages, your team walked this computer neophyte through the process of setting up multiple spam filters that are working wonderfully. Thanks!

Feb 2, 2017,

Every question was answered. Every problem solved. I could not have had a better experience. I have found this to be true of all of my problems and calls to Lunar Pages. Thanks you.

Feb 1, 2017,

fantastic job !!!!!!!!! Give this guy a raise

Jan 31, 2017,

I'm a customer of yours since 2000. It's been a long time since I called for Tech Support I was dreading the long hold that I used to experience. I waited less than 2 minutes on hold and Nathan was super helpful and addressed my issue quickly. Thank you, Lunarpages and Thank You Nathan.

Jan 26, 2017,

Fast and courteous service. But I am still having trouble managing my spam.

Jan 20, 2017,

I had a number of changes to make to my website and I think Luigi did a very good job.I wasn't sure he was going to understand the changes I was explaining but every time I checked the site he was very spot on.The expedience of the changes were for the most part very timely and I would certainly use the service again.

Jan 18, 2017,


Jan 11, 2017,

Jason did an outstanding job -- an asset to our efforts.

Jan 6, 2017,

Andrew has been a key contact and so very helpful. I am extremely grateful for his and the support team assistant. Amir Choudrhary's rapid response was impressive and got me situated. I called back later on another website unrelated and talked to Juan Carlos Prieto who was able to get me up and running in no time. Lunarpages rocks!

Jan 3, 2017,


Dec 23, 2016,

Friendly, patient, wonderful rep

Dec 18, 2016,

The service was supreme Thank you for getting me back up and running

Dec 12, 2016,

Great Job!

Dec 8, 2016,

I quit your site because you discontinued supporting the gallery I was using for thousands of photographs. Hundreds of hours of time arranging the photos and captioning them were lost, and I am still upset - it was essential for the Polish community here in Jakarta and now we've lost the whole website. 🙁 Paying almost 150$ a year I thought I'd get better service.

Dec 6, 2016,

Jason is excellent. Not only does he know his stuff, he also knows where to find answers that he doesn't have offhand. I find Jason to be highly competent--he should definitely be getting paid a lot of money! Jason is extremely pleasant to work with and never makes me feel like the problem lies between my chair and the monitor.

Dec 4, 2016,

It's my impression that if I haven't logged into Lunarpages for a long time and updated my password then I find that I can't log in and I have to get a new password. Yet, I never get a warning e-mail telling me to update my password. Very frustrating.

Dec 2, 2016,

Short wait for efficient service

Nov 29, 2016,

Thanks so much to Juan Carlos Prieto for assuring me that things would be taken care of and talking to me about the Managed Shared Hosting option. I have been with LunarPages for years and you give me confidence in an area where I have no expertise, leaving me time to do what I love! Thanks.

Nov 28, 2016,

The person who assisted me was great, patient and knowledgable. He helped me with all of my issues in a very prompt and direct way. Thanks a ton.

Nov 23, 2016,

Absolutely the Best Service. Very Professional !!!

Nov 22, 2016,

Helpful, patient, solved my problem plus one more problem.

Nov 15, 2016,

I wish you had a better web builder available

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