Ep. 10 – Things To Know About SEO For Search Engines


Things To Know For SEO

In todays episode we are going to help you understand some of the intricacies of search engines rankings and inform you of things every website owner should know about SEO.

Speaker 1:                           00:00                     Podcasting from Southern California, this is On The Net, your go-to for everything you need to know about how to get your business online and keep it there—brought to you by Lunarpages.  We’ll help you navigate the mystifying ins and outs of doing business in today’s digital era.  From web hosting to ecommerce to security and protection, if it has to do with your online presence, we’ve got it covered. Let’s get started.

Speaker 2:                           00:30                     Hello everyone. Welcome to On the Net where it’s all about your online presence. Thanks for joining us. In today’s podcast, we’re going to help you understand some of the intricacies around search engine rankings and inform you of things every web owners should know about SEO. Let’s say you are vacationing in Hawaii for the first time and are looking for a great fine dining restaurant in the area. Chances are you are going to google it to find out which option is best. Most consumers turn to search engines before decision making to look at brand sites before buying, making search rankings. Even more important than ever, but are you aware that nearly 75 percent of users never browse past the first page of search results? So what can you do to get your website to be in that top ranking Google position?

Speaker 2:                           01:25                     The answer is SEO, which as I am sure you now is an acronym for search engine optimization. SEO is the practice of improving and tweaking your website code and content in hopes of creating website traffic from search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo search crawlers to scan webpages and decipher what your webpage is about so that they can show the most relevant pages to users for their search query. Implementing SEO practices within your own website pages helps provide clues to these crawlers in a language they understand so that your pages get indexed quickly and you organically rank higher in the search results. Simply put, SEO improves searchability of your web pages amongst search engines, builds trust and credibility in your brand and can even drive offline sales. Search engines look at visits, traffic, and engagement as part of their quality scoring to see where to position you in search results.

Speaker 2:                           02:24                     Ever since the Panda algorithm update, Google has been paying attention to websites, design, and layout, making the structure and build of your site more important than ever before. Start by fixing any website architecture problems. This includes minimizing page load times by not using any heavy images on the site and try to avoid a lot of JSS code. Smush and compress the images on your page and use alt tags to define what image you are using on the page. Whatever you do, ensure you have a responsive website optimized for mobile devices. Next, we suggest that you create easily readable attention grabbing quality content that will help drive relevant traffic to your site. A site with unique, genuine and well researched content that provides value to its visitors will definitely find reward in its rankings. Search engines are also using artificial intelligence to search websites based on the new search query syntax from the Hummingbird Algorithm Update. So, just keyword stuffing, your website content won’t do anymore.

Speaker 2:                           03:29                     Rather, the emphasis should be on using key words, groups, or long tail keywords that match your user’s intent. That said, it is fine to use focus keywords in the title meta description, first paragraph of the content as well as an H1/H2 tag towards the start of the content. Moving on, we suggest that you get your technical SEO elements right to communicate, to search engines, how to navigate through your site easily, what you do, and the most relevant information contained on your pages so that they can deliver the highest quality search results. For that, you need to have an updated robots dot txt file at the website root folder as a guide for bots to know what pages to crawl and what not to crawl. Also, update your XML sitemap and properly define your title tags with unique and relevant keywords. Attracting links and link outreach for natural link building must be part of any SEO campaign as it is vital for establishing trust and authority of your website.

Speaker 2:                           04:28                     Install and make sure that your Google analytics code is working correctly. Use Google tag manager for inserting codes like Facebook pixel, remarketing, et cetera. Also, get your google search console installed and verified.  To sum up, you need to establish relevancy and create the right environment for search engines to crawl and index your website. Natural link building, creating quality content and building domain authority takes time. If you want to see real results, it cannot just be a flash in the pan so be prepared to sustain your SEO campaign over many months. The best winning advice we can give you about SEO is to focus on providing a quality experience for your site visitor and hire an SEO professional to do the job. Which brings us to next week’s podcast topic – “What to look for when outsourcing tech support for your small business.” Do tune in next week to get some invaluable tips. You can listen online but you can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes to get future episodes delivered to you automatically.   Until next time, here’s to wishing you all the best with your website endeavors. Thanks for listening and take care.

Speaker 1:                           06:00                     Thank you for listening to the latest edition of Lunarpages podcast On the Net. Remember, it’s all about your online presence. If you like what you heard, please share our podcast. Join us next week as we take on another need to know topic around doing business in the digital era.



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